Reverse Engineering application in organizations

In the first instance, we will expedite the concept of Reverse Engineering (RE). “Reverse engineering is the process of discovering the basic principles of operation of a device, object, or system through abductive reasoning of its structure, function, and service. Reverse engineering (RE) is about taking something, a tangible element […]

Impact from IoT on new businesses

In the Internet of Things, everyday objects are part of a network that sends and receives data from other “things.” For consumers, this means capabilities such as being able to adjust their home thermostat from the other side of the world. But for businesses, it can represent new opportunities to […]

Business Blockchain

Businesses Blockchain is a blockchain network that can be integrated and used for enterprise-level purposes. These blockchain technologies are specially equipped to meet enterprise-level organizational demands. The use of blockchain in a corporate environment is flourishing at an accelerated pace. New projects will soon dominate this sector of the industry. […]

Big Data Applications in Businesses

The term Big Data describes the large volume of data (structured or not) that day by day originates in the regular activity of a company. But what is important is not how much data we have, but what we are going to do with it. Getting into the world of […]

Benefits of technology for small businesses

Although some companies still do not want to bet on technological innovation, the truth is that this practice offers excellent benefits because it allows us to adapt to changes and provide the public what you want to get. In 2019 some of the trends in technological innovation that have taken […]

The main challenges of digital infrastructure

When the computers arrived at the businesses the concept of the digital company was born, in the beginning, they were only used to automate basic numerical tasks, nevertheless the exponential evolution of the technology and the advance of the Internet has quickly renewed the definition, and they will continue doing […]

Integration of cryptocurrencies as a method of payment

Blockchain is the technology behind virtual coins. It is a blockwork methodology that is used to create virtual currencies and use them in markets. Crypto coins are considered an investment since the value they have depends on the market situation. Cryptocurrencies are a virtual currency used to exchange goods and […]

E-commerce: the evolution of businesses

Today, in such a dynamic and complex business scenario, the integration of eCommerce with the physical store becomes the leading way to meet the needs and demands of the new consumer. The logistics strategy, new means of payment, and the personalization of the experience have become fundamental levers for retailers […]